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• 7/13/2014

About the existence of two Ninja Slayer Wikis; Should we merge them or leave them as it is?

This is continued from Discussion Area.

Njdict Chado-san has summarized what editors of this wiki think and opinions from the Japanese fans.

(quote from Discussion Area)
To hear the opinions of fans in Japan, We(this wiki's editors) think this way.
-Two Wikis continue to separate is better. This is because the purpose of two wikis are different.
-This wiki will rename as "Ninja Slayer Multilingual Database", The name should be faithfully represent function. This is to avoid users confusion.
-On copyright issues, We will leave to your judgment. We are not copyright holders. so we do not have the right to pursue on this issue. If the need arises, Ninja Slayer official will judge about it.

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• 7/14/2014



1. 新しいWiki名は Ninja Slayer Multilingual Database で確定でよろしいでしょうか?

2. URLも変わりますが、現在の表記法を踏襲して としようかなと考えているのですが、いかがでしょうか?

3. 変更に際して告知期間を設けるべきだと思われますが、いつ頃変更するのが適当でしょうか?(もっとも、現状ではそれほど見ている人はいないと思いますが・・・個人的には、8月1日あたりがキリが良いかなと)

I asked how to change the Wiki name to Wikia. Then they replied that they will change the name if I tell a new Wiki name.
So I will some questions to everyone.

1.  New Wiki Name would be "Ninja Slayer Multilingual Database". Do you have any other good ideas?

2.  Wiki's URL will change too. New URL would be "". Do you have any other good ideas?

3. I think I the need for the period of notice. When do we change the name?(I am considering August 1.)

• 7/15/2014

1.について: KirschenBaum=サンが仰っていたように 、ヘッズなら誰でも編集できるという意味をこめてNinja Slayer Multilingual Database Wikiとするのがいいのではないかと個人的には思っています。




As KirschenBaum-san tweeted , I think that it will be better to add "Wiki" to the new name("Ninja Slayer Multilingual Database Wiki") to show that this database can be edited by anyone.

>2. 3. 

I suppose there's no problem with these.  

• 7/15/2014


It's good. Visitors will easy to understand that.

• 7/17/2014

以下の文面で、Wikia運営に申請を行いました。(日本語による申請も受け付けてもらえるみたいです。) I sent a request to Wikia.

Ninja Slayer English Wiki の新しい名前は、
Ninja Slayer Multilingual Database Wiki
新しいURLは、 を希望致します。


If it is possible to redirect from old URL, please change immediately.

If it is impossible that, please change the name to August 1. We want a notice period for visitors. 


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