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• 7/15/2014

About design of this Wiki

This is a topic that to discuss improvement of the appearance of this Wiki.
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• 7/15/2014


What do you think about changing this Wiki's wallpaper to more lighter color? The current color is not it tasteless?

• 7/16/2014


ところで、NSMD Wikiのシンボルマーク案を二つほど考えてみたのですが、どうでしょう。添付の画像は下書きの段階ですが、もしどちらかを使うということになれば仕上げてアップします。

Definitely. Maybe we should start improving the design of whole wiki little by little. I think the lighter color makes it easy to read.

By the way, I have two ideas for a symbol mark for NSMD Wiki. The picture is still a draft, but if we decide to use one, I will upload a finished image.
NSMD symbol-01
• 7/17/2014


Oh, It's a good idea. I took a fancy to the earth's mark.

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