DO NOT COPY & REPRODUCE Official ContentsEdit

You can edit all of this wiki if you are a Ninja Heads(Ninja Slayer's fan).
But DO NOT COPY & REPRODUCE Official Contents beyond permissible degree for quotation. Because it is a wish of authors and The Translation Team.
Ninja Slayer actively recommends the creation of fan arts. There is a custom of the official media to introduce the fan arts.
Making fanzines is free. To sell them at the convention is also free. They have a respect and love for the fandom. We want to respect as much as possible the wish of them.
If you have found any reproductions in this wiki, please delete it.
  • Japanese translation:

About translation & reproduciton from Japanese Ninja Slayer WikiEdit

This Wiki and Japanese Ninja Slayer Wiki(ニンジャスレイヤーWiki, linked to each other.
You are able to translate & reproduce the description of the Japanese Wiki. If you do it, Please attach a link to the original source.
  • Japanese translation:

About Slang & Provisional translationEdit

Please describe to be able to distinguish official and unofficial translation as much as possible.
There are [NHS] & [PJE] tags in Kotodama page.
  • [NHS] Unofficial Ninja Heads' Slang.
  • [PJE] Provisional translation from Japanese to English by Ninja Heads.
Translating more and more words that are not translated officially, you may confuse visitors of this Wiki.
If you add a new word, please be careful.
  • Japanese translation:
  • [NHS] 非公式なスラング(いわゆるヘッズスラング等)であることを表します。
  • [PJE] ヘッズによる暫定的な日本語-英語訳であることを表します。

Templates Edit

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